Hi! I'm Sharon Covert

Hi, I’m Sharon Covert! For years I lived under this false belief that you could get to know me through my art alone.

I allowed fear to control what I shared.

I allowed fear to censor my words, my truth.

Fear of judgment. Fear of not being understood. Fear of not being liked.

I hesitated on sharing the good things that have come my way. The things I have worked hard for, all in fear that you would think I’m bragging or being show-offy. I made that word up, but it fits.

I held back my WHY, my reason why I began experimenting with self-portraiture.

All in fear.

This year the one sentence that has come up the most for me in my journal is this-

Lead by example.

It’s small yet profound, and I plan to do just that, for me, my children, my family and friends, and you. I can’t possibly be the only one who has experienced these feelings.
And while I may be writing more for YOU to get to know ME better, I also want to get to know you better. Has anyone else experienced similar thoughts and feelings when it comes to your art and social media?

If you made it this far, thank you, and it’s nice to meet you!


Click Magazine



I was never one to set goals for myself, but over the last few years I have made a point to make a list of goals that I wish to accomplish with my photography. While I have crossed off many each year, there was one that I always transferred over to the new year, never giving up hope and determination. I'm beyond thrilled to share with you that I have a feature in the May/June 2018 issue of Click Magazine! If you don't already subscribe, you can find the newest issue in your local Barnes and Noble store. I want to thank all of you who have reached out to me over the last 2 weeks to tell me you saw the feature. That kindness never goes unappreciated. Thank you all so much for support!


Fall's Beauty

On an ordinary fall day, I find myself pausing to take in the most mundane of things. Feeling a slight pang of guilt for usually passing this beauty by in the rush of life, I question how I no longer view the world through a child's eyes. In these dried up wildflowers and leaves, I am taught there is beauty in all things regardless of what life stage they are in. This plant life cycles through each season doing exactly what it's supposed to do without distraction. 
Everything comes together at the right place and time in life. As fall completes its cycle and transitions into winter, I find myself in a transition of sorts; welcoming the dark cold winter season to deepen my practice of being more connected with my body, mind, and soul. Here, I will deepen my connection to Mother Earth and those I share her with.


All That is She

She does not let anyone tell her who she is. She claimed who she was and is, unapologetically, long ago. She will not be contained. Her strength and spirit cannot be restrained. She knows exactly what makes her come alive, and she does just that. You can try to knock her down, but she will rise up again, and again, and she will be more determined and wiser each time. She is both gentle and fierce, and to know her is to know true love. Our hearts are bound, and our love boundless. 


AdoramaPix Product Review

Featured Product - The Hudson Album by AdoramaPix 

Recently I was contacted by AdoramaPix to write a review on one of their products. I I had been nose deep in culling images for my portfolio and thought it would be a perfect idea to create a Portfolio Album of some of my favorite self portraits.

As I began browsing their numerous selections I was immediately drawn to their flush albums. Being able to turn the page and have it seamlessly lay flat almost sounded too good to be true. I chose to create one of their Premium Hudson Albums. Since this album was intended to grace my photography bookcase, I went with their square 8x8 album. For the cover I went with their Lux Leather in Charcoal Gray. They offer debossing, and while they do offer it in color foil I decided to go with no color. I chose their Luster paper for the images inside which their website recommends for first-time photo bookers. They do offer a variety of other choices, including a matte finish and textured finish. 


Putting an album together can be quite time consuming and intimidating, but AdoramaPix’s website proved to be very user-friendly which was such a relief. I went with their free economy delivery, and was sent tracking information as soon as it shipped. 


Upon receiving my album I was thoroughly impressed from their details in the packaging  to the final product. I almost didn’t want to take it out of the box, and I may have put it back in the box after examining it because of the special feel it gave me. The album is just beautiful. The gorgeous leather and heaviness of it yields great value. When I opened it up the first thing I noted was the thickness and sturdiness of the pages. My self portraits were printed beautifully. I chose to do an all monochrome portfolio, and I have had issues in the past with my images losing detail when printed. This was not the case here at all. I want to note that I wanted a very minimalist design to my album so that the focus was on my images, but they do offer a wide variety of choices and details including layouts, color choices, rounded corners and decorative edging.


AdoramaPix was a great company to work with. Their customer service was quick to respond, and I even received an email checking in on my satisfaction after receiving my order. I believe it’s so very important to print and preserve your images. It’s such an authentic feeling to hold your artwork in your hands. Currently AdoramaPix is offering free shipping on all orders $49.00 and above, and they have been running holiday promotions. I’d definitely recommend heading over to their website and checking them out!