Trial and Error with Self Portraiture

A little background story- I’ve been having my son film and edit some behind the scenes videos for me that I’ll be using in some upcoming materials I’m creating. Remember when I said I’m a shy introvert? Well being in a video = awkward!
For those that don’t know, I use a dress form that happens to have a couple of wigs and a bear mask on it to take my place in a self-portrait so that I can grab my focus and set up my shot. 🐻 I’ll include a shot of it to give you a better idea. Just scroll to see.
So as he began to film me, the head of the dress form with both wigs and the bear mask popped off and fell to the ground. As this was happening I bent over to save it when all of a sudden the entire dress form decided to fall and clobber me in the head/face. 😳😖🤣
So after much intense laughter exchanged between the two of us I was able to complete the self portraits all the while extremely happy that it was done and over with and having my fingers crossed that he got enough footage.
He didn’t.
So this self-portrait was from attempt #2, which went much smoother, where I tried to be much more present in the moment. 😅
I just wanted to share that it’s not all fairytales and magic. There’s a lot of trial and error, a lot of mishaps, but the process and experience is what it’s all about for me.

What’s your favorite part? Where do you lose yourself and learn the most? Is it in the editing? Sharing? The actual shoot or the preparation before hand? Share in the comments below and earn bonus points for sharing a mishap 😂

My dress form that I use to grab my focus. Works like a charm.

My dress form that I use to grab my focus. Works like a charm.

Calling All Creatives

Wanted: Creative, emotional Artist seeking her tribe of like-minded Artists.
My Belief: I believe in creating for self-love, self-awareness, self-discovery, self-reflection, self-guidance, self-healing and introspection. My core belief is that by practicing these things you will become a better person to serve those around you.
Have you ever been moved by someone else’s art? Have you ever felt connected in some way to another’s magic?
We, as Artists, are healers.
My 4 week interactive Expressive Self Portraiture course through The Define School is now OPEN for registration! We will spend 4 weeks online together learning and practicing the tools I give you for creating art for yourself. You will learn how to think outside the box and bring your inner stories to life in a healing and expressive way. In this course I share everything. I hold nothing back.
Answer the call and join me by clicking THIS LINK for more information. 
I’m so damn excited for this! ♥️

Class beings September 10th! 


International Monochrome Awards

It's always a surreal feeling when something like this happens, but my self-portrait, Love is Blind, has placed 3rd in the Conceptual category in the International Monochrome Awards for 2017.


All That is She

She does not let anyone tell her who she is. She claimed who she was and is, unapologetically, long ago. She will not be contained. Her strength and spirit cannot be restrained. She knows exactly what makes her come alive, and she does just that. You can try to knock her down, but she will rise up again, and again, and she will be more determined and wiser each time. She is both gentle and fierce, and to know her is to know true love. Our hearts are bound, and our love boundless.