While the selfie has recently made its mark in the world, self-portraiture has been around for ages. More and more photographers and artists who began with the occasional selfie are beginning to experiment with self-portraiture and are looking to take it to the next level.

Instructor Sharon Covert has used self-portraiture as a healing tool and a way of telling her story. This class focuses on self-expression by using various techniques and natural lighting to create and tell your story through dramatic self-portraiture. The lessons you will learn can also be carried over into other styles of portraiture.

Dig deeper and explore your creativity with Sharon as your guide, pushing past experimentation and building your self-portraiture and portraiture techniques through the use of available natural light – all without compositing or using advanced Photoshop techniques.

Whether this is your first time experimenting with self-portraiture or you’ve been looking to take your self-portraits to the next level, this class is designed to help you expand and move beyond the basic selfie so that you can release your personal stories from deep within.

It’s time to wake up your inner creativity and make some art!

For more information or to sign up visit this link or email: sharoncovertphotography@gmail.com