Many Moons Ago...

I recently purchased these masks through a shop on Etsy. The artist does incredible work and she's a pleasure to do business with. I would think it could be a little unsettling sending your creations off to strangers having no idea of what will become of them.

I hope I did her art justice. 

You can check out her shop HERE


I just recently completed Carolyn Mara Borlenghi's The Unapologetic Artist class at The DEFINE School. It was amazing.

Below you will find my project on {Fears} that I created during the course of the class.

Fears. They forebode an uncontrollable feeling of danger and threat whether it be true or not to so many. This project has given me an opportunity to express and work through many of my everyday fears. The fear each image represents was present during the process of each self portrait taken in this series. I feel my art is very deep and personal to me. I find myself drawn to the darker side in photography. Through the use of deep shadows and light in my black and white images I aim to convey a variety of emotions. We all have fears. I believe by viewing and connecting with the fears of others one can begin to face the fears deep within themselves.



Being Seen







The Unknown

The Chase



Life {Unscripted} Vol.12

Volume 12 of Life {Unscripted} is here just in time for me to share

some of my trip to Tennessee to visit family. 

Here's a small sample of the many images I took a couple of weeks ago.

I miss everyone already. 

Crystal Raynard Photography is up next and she

has such a way with capturing {Unscripted} moments. 

I do hope you'll check her out! 

A Smith Gallery {Still} Exhibition

{Scented Heart}

Juror Kate Breakey chose this image

out of almost 800 to be in

A Smith Gallery's

{Still} Exhibition

August 14 - September 27th.

103 N Nugent Ave

Johnson City, Texas

I wish I could be there. If you can't make it either then here is a


to see the rest of the exhibit. Just be sure to click the image to get to the next one.

I'm so grateful to be a part of this.