The Promise | Self Portraits

The Promise

The story behind the dress. 

The thrift store is located in a 17 room 1860's mansion in a local town by the shore. The earnings from this store benefit the church by paying the annual subsidy for the school next to the thrift store. 

As I walked in and looked to the left I saw the dress. After immediately scooping it up, the kind woman approached me with teary eyes. Smiling she said, " I prayed this morning for someone to come in and buy some of our formal wear today because it's filling up and taking up too much space." 

At the time she was most likely under the impression I was newly engaged and had just found my wedding gown. After bringing 2 gowns up to the register she informed me all clothing was 50% off. She was slightly hesitant once she learned I would be using the dress for something other than a wedding.

"Just promise you won't destroy it and you will take care of it."

The dress will live on to tell many new stories. 

"I promise."