The Creativity Project {One Year Anniversary}

It's hard to believe that the Creativity Project has been around for an entire year now. I can still remember the excitement I felt when Becky from Life With Kaishon asked me to join. In honor of our one year anniversary we each decided to revisit a past theme we did over the past 12 months so be sure to click through the entire circle to see each theme. We also asked one of our fans, Joseph Davis to do a guest post for the theme "Lines". Please click HERE and show him some love. He's very talented! Oh, did I mention we'll be having a giveaway? Someone will win a $25.00 Photojojo gift card! Click HERE to enter. My theme?


It's hard to imagine summer here when we have had such a cold, snowy winter and spring in New Jersey, but I thought I would share the first two images from my original "Summer" post and then some images of what the Jersey Shore looks like now after Hurricane Sandy. I have a feeling summer will be forever changed around here.

The plan to rebuild the Jersey Shore is in full effect...

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See you next month!


My Sweet LiLi

My sweet, sweet L is struggling with questions friends are asking her at school. They want to know what happened to her lip. They want to know why she doesn't look like her parents. She is questioning the color of her skin and deciding she does not like it. I always try to teach L that everyone is different and to never ask someone something that could hurt their feelings or make them feel uncomfortable. I try to teach her to think about how it would make the other person feel. I told her it is her story and she can choose to tell the children that she does not want to talk about it. She said they keep asking and pushing her for answers. I told her she can tell them the truth or tell them it is private and personal. She said she is scared to talk about it. I don't even see her scar. I only see beauty when I look at her. Pure, innocent beauty.

the long road


We Got Spirit!

L cheered her second game of the season yesterday.What do you think of those bows?!The flag football team. So little!One of the football players. He's so stinkin' cute! 

Next weekend L will cheer her 3rd game of the season and Gene will march in his first high school game of the season. Can't wait!


Happy Birthday Linhsey!

Such a bittersweet day. Somewhere out there, there is a mother who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 6 years ago today...and I thank her from the depths of my soul and the bottom of my heart. This beautiful child has given me life...with her beauty, her old soul, her loving heart. Her very being has shook me to the core and I couldn't be any more thankful. I love you Li Li. Happy birthday to the sweetest, spunkiest, 6 year old EVER.

The only child I know who would pick the cupcake before presents! To see both of them smile like this? At the same time? Priceless. Can you just hear the giggles?!

Love. Her.


An Afternoon at the Boardwalk...

She had this unsure expression throughout all of the in between moments, but I assure you by the time you get to the bottom of this you will know she had fun!The beautiful birthday girl in orange!L and little B are both so spunky that when the two of them are together, watch out!I told you! Silly little B. 


11 More Days....

And this beauty will be 6 years old.

The other night while tucking her into bed the conversation went as follows:

Me: Linhs, don't turn 6. Stay little!

Linhsey: Oh c'mon! If you plan to have a baby you gotta know they are going to grow up!"

Me: You do realize you are 5, right?

Linhsey- But I feel like I am 15!

And so it goes....11 more day until 16...I mean 6.


The Creativity Project~ Sun Flare

This month's theme for our Creativity Project is sun flare. Anyone that knows me knows I love sun flare.

I look for it so much that even Linhsey is trained to find it and point it out to me.

I find myself watching a movie and calling out " Oooh! look at that sun flare!"

Sunday night the family got together and we all met at a lake my cousin and I used to fish at as children.

Here is a lightbox of some old favorites.

Again our circle has grown so please click through everyone for some amazing images and inspiration.

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Sunday Snapshot

Yesterday morning we headed to a pool party for the little boy who has professed his love for L. Apparently the feelings are mutual so she informed us.

After that we headed to PA to L's cousin A's house to celebrate their Grandfather's birthday.

It was a day full of fun in the sun....and water.

Ni Hao Yall

These were taken with my 24-70 f2.8 and 100mm f/2. They were edited in Photoshop CS6 using Red Leaf Studios Film Solution actions. I used the Color|400 action with no adjustments. I love using these actions because when I look at the final images I feel like I am looking at images from my father's photo albums. They give the images a film like feel and make me feel nostalgic for my childhood. I'm so happy my father documented my childhood through photos.


Just an Off Kind of Day

It's just been an off kind of day for Linhsey.

I'm hoping tomorrow brings lots of smiles and better moods.


* Linhsey quote of the day. Upon awakening and remembering the brownies we baked yesterday...

" Mama? Can I have a brownie for breakfast?"

No, L...sorry.

" Just pretend it's banana bread and give me one!"

Busy Summer Days....

With splash parks, amusement parks, swimming, catching fireflies at night, she's had her fill of fun the past week. L's daddy went away for a few days for a business trip and by the time I got to these images she had already been up way too late for a few nights watching Harry Potter and having sleepovers in my room. She was a tired, cranky, tousled hair mess, yet she still flashed me that adorable smile. Thanks L : ) 

Hope you are enjoying your summer days.....and nights....

I think I see a little Asbury Park boardwalk and pinball in our near future.


Hula Hoops and Driving Tests....

While driving home the other day L asked her Daddy if she could get her hula hoop out of the garage when we got in. She likes to pretend it is a steering wheel. " Daddy? Can I get my hula hoop when we get back? I need to start practicing for my driver's 10 years."

I wish she would stop trying to grow up so fast!


Shooting from the Waist

We came back to NJ at the start of a heatwave. Yay.

We also came back to a water main break. Make that 3 water main breaks that affected our county.


Today we took L back to the fossil beds. I find myself turning on all of my focus points and shooting from the waist more and more when we are out and about.

These were all shot (except the water main break image) from the waist in manual with my 24-70mm 2.8. Many of my Disney photos were shot the same way. The 24-70mm was my BFF in Disney. It was the only lens I brought with me each day. I was able to carry my camera and backpack camera bag the entire time in Disney without any problems. I also brought along the GoPro and my Canon G12 each day. Oh, and my camera bag's waterproof cover came in handy!

Do you ever shoot from the waist?


Izzy & Ivy Designs

At the end of last summer Linhsey and I had the great pleasure of doing a photo shoot for an amazing designer. When Shasta from Izzy & Ivy Designs messaged me and asked me if Linhsey and I would like to do a shoot I was beyond thrilled to say the least. Take a look at these adorable designs!

The bustle in the back of this skirt is to die for!





You can find their website HERE .

And be  sure to "Like" their Facebook page HERE !

I cannot wait to see what Izzy & Ivy designs have in store next!




Father's Day in Photos

She knows how to pick her horse and she takes it very seriously.Love that boyish grin!Love the idea of this table made from a barrel. My cousins and aunt and uncle!I'm 10 years older than her, and I love her and her sister SO MUCH. It was such a nice day with my family.She insisted on swimming even though it was such a cool day.


It didn't last long!

Happy Father's Day Dad and Mike!

Love you both!