Sunday Snapshot

I'm still under the weather so not much went on this weekend. I was able to go outside for a few minutes tonight for these shots and some baseball with L.  

Can you tell these two are bored to tears with me being sick?

Here's to a new day tomorrow.... fever free I hope.

Ni Hao Yall


Charlie & L ~ Together Forever

Charlie & L were destined to be together. They both have sleep issues.

They both have hunger issues.

They both love like no other.

They both make it extremely difficult to stay mad at them.

Even when Charlie ate my bathing suit.

And L's Toms shoes.

And the remote.

All in a week's time.

They both got up between 2-2:20am last night to use the bathroom.

They both wake up STARVING. To death.

They both beg for food.

They both snore.

Kidding L!

Linhsey & Charlie.

A perfect match!



Last week Charlie gave us a scare. We dropped her off at the vet to be spayed, but before they could begin the procedure she had a bad reaction to the sedative that was given to her. They couldn't perform the surgery and sleepy girl had to stay there for close to 7 hours to sleep it off and be monitored. Have I told you how much we love this little girl dog?

First let me start by telling you that L and I have this weird obsession with making up songs to the tune of other songs. Charlie has many songs.

Sung to the tune of "Oh My Darling Clementine".

"Charlie Barley. Charlie Barley. Oh my darling Charlie-tine!"

I'm not kidding. We sing it at least 10X a day to Charlie, AKA the "Charlster", "C-Dog", "CD".

The other song we sing to the C-dog is sung to the tune of "Mamcita Donde Esta Santa Claus?".


  " Charlie-cita! Donde esta Charlie-Claus?"

I'm serious.

I have no idea why we do this, or why that stinkin Xmas song is still stuck in our heads from November and December.

And last but not least, when we sing " Who let the dogs out?" Charlie inserts the appropriate barks after.

I'm serious!