My sweet L. The other day we learned of a man who was trying to abduct small children in nearby towns. We discussed this with L. She said, " Mama, I know what we can do! Just dress me like a bandit and he won't want me then!"

She says the cutest things. I write most of them down now so I can always remember them.

Recently she was taking her clothes out of the dryer. She called out from inside of the dryer, " This is very private! Don't say anything about this, okay?"

One night after dinner we were discussing her plan to move to Paris. She said, " Actually, I'm  going to live right here in this house with my kids because all of this is going to be mine, even your clothes, but not your undawee (underwear). You pack your undawee!"

She has been very aware of skin color recently, and extremely aware that hers is not like ours. She told my mother that she was proud to be a Black American and that now she could sit in the front of the bus but years ago she couldn't. Another day as she caressed her Nana's skin she said, " Nana, you're like a white person....but with a little darker skin."  I keep telling her she is Vietnamese. I even showed her pictures online of children from Vietnam. She doesn't see herself as one of them. I hope she loves her beautiful skin as much as I do.

Last but not least, on Friday she said, " I know how to say you're welcome in Spanish. It's NEVADA."