Tennessee Memories

When I was a little girl my parents and I moved into a house that was directly across the street my from grandparents and uncle.

Shortly after that they moved to Florida.

We made the drive to Florida many times over the years to visit.

I remember as a teenager saying our goodbyes after visiting. I would sit in the back seat of my parent's car and try to hide my silent tears.

5 years ago my grandmother and uncle bought land in Tennessee and built a cabin.

3 times we have been able to visit. To give my children time with their Great~Grandmother and Great~Uncle fills my heart.

I can only hope they will hold on to these memories always like I have and will. The horn my uncle made to call his dog, Blue. Blue passed away not too long ago and now he has a horn for their new dog Sam.Blue's grave. He buried him with his rope leash still around his neck with the leash coming out of the ground.My uncle camps here in their woods.Their neighbor's shop. Stray dogs are everywhere you turn. They chase your car as you drive by. Many are injured, have only 3 legs. When we visited the shop above there were several dogs hanging out there. One had a snake bite on his leg and could not walk. The Little Rascals on TV.I'm forever thankful and grateful that we were able to visit once again.


Favorite Photo Friday- Tennessee

Tennessee continued-- This swimming hole was beautiful and you could see fish swimming everywhere in it. I think G could have spent the entire day at this place.Later that day a tractor drove up to my grandmother's place. We met a friend and followed him and his brother to his shop. He had many small homes he built on his property from the trees he cut down himself. This was the shop.He hand made everything in here. I think I was in awe. In this part of Tennessee everyone has dogs. The dogs never see the inside of a home usually. They wander free. They chase your car when you drive by. This was one of the homes this man built. L walked out of the shop with a dream catcher to catch all of those bad dreams she has, and a pretty necklace. Not too bad!In Tennessee Moonshine is the drink of choice ; ) 

We wrapped up the night with roasting marshmallows and then said our goodbyes. It was difficult to say goodbye. Many hugs, tears, and good memories.

Until next year Tennessee. I'll bring sneakers next time, I promise!

the long road


Day 1 in Tennessee

This year we flew to Tennessee. Mike decided after driving there from New Jersey last spring that he would never do that again. The flight was only 1 hr and 40 min and then we had a 1 hr and 40 min drive from the airport. As soon as we got there we jumped right into the games my uncle made. The first was a bean bag toss. Here is Mike with my Granny. She is 81 years old. Next was rolling the hoop and throwing the spear through it. Here is my Uncle Paul. L wore him out by the end of the visit. She was his buddy the entire time. Of course Gene had to do some shooting with the 22. Later on my uncle brought out a shot gun, but I steered clear of that!Granny and L blew bubbles while Gene shot the gun. L decided bubbles were for weenies (her word, not mine!) and she needed to get her hands on the 22 as well. We did some crazy hiking. 2 miles each day. I wore flip flops. Have I mentioned I'm a girly girl? I don't like bugs. I don't like dirt. I don't like danger. See that stone door? We hiked to it. Later that night we headed back to our cabin and did some fishing. L caught the first one. Uncle Paul went to the other side in search of Bass, and Granny collected wild flower seeds to plant in her woods. Have I mentioned they have close to 30 acres with a stream too?I love this shot of Gene running back to us.  It definitely is a very different way of life there. It's calm. It's peaceful. It's laid back. There's no hustle and bustle. Everyone is friendly and stops to say hi. It's beautiful.

I can't wait to post the rest of the pictures tomorrow!


Tennessee With the GoPro & Canon G12

We are back from Tennessee and we had an amazing time. While I lugged around my Mark II, I gave Gene the GoPro to use and Linhsey my Canon G12 to keep around her neck.

Here are some of the great shots that they both captured.

First up is Gene and the GoPro.

Notice he caught some sun flare in there? Love it!

Next up is Linhsey's view with the G12.

She posed me for the first two. She was so cute.

And yes, my girl L caught some sun flare too!

I think both G & L did a fantastic job at capturing our trip to Tennessee. I'm going to make a book of their pictures for them. These were just SOME of the MANY they took!

I'll post mine tomorrow.