The Light

The days are getting shorter and the light is shifting through my woods. I know so many photographers love the golden sun of summer, but it's the fall light that has my heart and eye. Last night when I went outside with Charlie I saw this beautiful light coming through the trees and I had to run back in and grab my camera to capture it. The strange thing is as beautiful as it was, I found even more beauty in it processed in black & white. But just so you can see it the way I did, here is the color version. 


The Creativity Project~ Sun Flare

This month's theme for our Creativity Project is sun flare. Anyone that knows me knows I love sun flare.

I look for it so much that even Linhsey is trained to find it and point it out to me.

I find myself watching a movie and calling out " Oooh! look at that sun flare!"

Sunday night the family got together and we all met at a lake my cousin and I used to fish at as children.

Here is a lightbox of some old favorites.

Again our circle has grown so please click through everyone for some amazing images and inspiration.

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Tennessee With the GoPro & Canon G12

We are back from Tennessee and we had an amazing time. While I lugged around my Mark II, I gave Gene the GoPro to use and Linhsey my Canon G12 to keep around her neck.

Here are some of the great shots that they both captured.

First up is Gene and the GoPro.

Notice he caught some sun flare in there? Love it!

Next up is Linhsey's view with the G12.

She posed me for the first two. She was so cute.

And yes, my girl L caught some sun flare too!

I think both G & L did a fantastic job at capturing our trip to Tennessee. I'm going to make a book of their pictures for them. These were just SOME of the MANY they took!

I'll post mine tomorrow.