First Impressions.....

This morning we had the opportunity to meet L's first grade teacher. Can you feel the excitement?! I wish Gene was this excited about going back to school!She led the way and informed me she already knew where the classroom was.We arrived and waited outside the door. I think she began to feel slightly nervous.Then they caught a glimpse of each other and exchanged a wave.Once she turned her back the teacher came out and completely surprised her, and immediately I knew their personalities were a perfect match!

Upon walking into the classroom Mr. M had beautiful Asian music playing.

The cool thing about Mr. M's class is that there are pets! Guinea pigs, snakes, turtles, lizards.... The children help take care of the pets and may even witness a baby guinea pig being born. 

One thing that really made me feel secure in their match was that Mr. M has two children from other countries also.

L left with a huge smile across her face and is more than ready for her first day of first grade tomorrow!

Now if only I could get Gene's excitement level up....