A Bit Under the Weather...

Both kids have been feeling a bit under the weather lately...I can see it in her eyes in these images. This little shoot was completely her doing. We planned on visiting the Peace Garden through our woods, but found it closed and netted for the winter. She liked this pine tree. I think I love it.

Izzy & Ivy Designs

At the end of last summer Linhsey and I had the great pleasure of doing a photo shoot for an amazing designer. When Shasta from Izzy & Ivy Designs messaged me and asked me if Linhsey and I would like to do a shoot I was beyond thrilled to say the least. Take a look at these adorable designs!

The bustle in the back of this skirt is to die for!





You can find their website HERE .

And be  sure to "Like" their Facebook page HERE !

I cannot wait to see what Izzy & Ivy designs have in store next!