Friday we went to Six Flags Great Adventure. I brought my 5D Mark II with the 24-70mm L on it. HEAVY. But I used my new Black Rapid camera strap and it seemed to do the trick. I carried my Lowepro Pro Runner on my back and all seemed well. Mike even carried and used the Gopro camera on some rides with L. Can you see the sheer look of terror on her face there in the middle?Would you even believe me if I told you this is her favorite ride and she always wants to hit it up first? Taken with the GoPro while L was on the ride behind us.This was the look on her face while waiting in line to go on ......This.And this was what she looked like on it.It was so cold way up there on the top of the ferris wheel. This was our view from way up high. And a trip to Six Flags is only complete once you get your picture taken with some characters on the way out. 

I wasn't going to post this video, but L and I just watched it for the hundredth time and she said , " It's comedy!". It really is...even though she is screaming her head off. SHe really does LOVE this ride. I promise.

Oh, and Mike only blocks her with his arm for half of the video ; )