Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle Vol. 1

Those who follow me know that at heart, I truly enjoy capturing life's moments and stories as they unfold.

This month a fellow photographer, Natalie, from Act Naturally Photography, formed a new blog circle that features life's unscripted moments. I'm really excited and honored to become

a part of this new project with so many other talented photographers.

If you reached me by Elise's blog at Elise Meader Photography, Welcome!

For our first month I decided to use a series of images that were taken apple picking with my son and his girlfriend.

It's not too often he shows up in my images being a busy teen and all, so I will hold on to these beloved memories with these images.

When you're finished here I do so hope you will continue on to Natalie's blog, ACTNATURALLYPHOTOGRAPHY .

She created a Facebook page for Life {Unscripted} and the {unscripted} moments have been pouring in! You can share

your {unscripted} moments by clicking HERE and liking our page!

Natalie's post for our circle this month can be found HERE and if you don't follow her already on Facebook you can click HERE.

The Creativity Project {The Men in Our Lives}

I knew right away what I wanted to do for this month's theme with the Creativity Project. ~ The Men in Our Lives My son Gene is turning out to be quite the young man and I couldn't be more proud or happier.

He's wrapping up his freshman year in the AP Academy in high school, and going out with a the senior prom with his girlfriend, Kristen.

I think these two are mature and wise beyond their years, and well I'm in love with their chemistry and the way they look at each other.

Please click HERE to see what Singwa from Buckeroo Mama has done with our theme. We always enjoy having others participate on our Facebook page, so post away!

Until next month!