Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle Volume 6

Welcome to L{U's} 6th blog circle edition. Thank you and Welcome if you're popping over from Diana's blog!  It was perfect timing this month. My son's marching band and jazz band travels to Florida every other year to perform in Walt Disney Word and Universal Studios. As a Junior this year this was his last time traveling with his school.


There were some great performances, and as drum captain this year his hard work has paid off. 



Gene on the middle snare drum. 

Gene on the middle snare drum. 

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Up next is Chrissy Ray Photography giving us a beautiful peek into nighttime in her home. 

Golden Falcon Marching Band, Florida Trip

We recently just returned from a trip to Disney with Gene's marching band. The weather was cool and it rained on and off, but I did manage to bring my camera out one of the days we were there. Linhsey is a Gryffindor student now at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry . I think she would have slept in this uniform if I let her. She got so much attention in it everywhere we went that I think she believes she is famous now. The candy shop in Diagon Alley... We bought the jelly beans and she ate the earwax one...and a chocolate frog. The talking paintings in Hogwarts.Minutes before her brother's parade started..She's playing the piano with her fingers there. She does it everywhere now. Truffula trees!She followed along and took videos...

Hopefully the kids will do it all again in 2 years... I know they had a great time!