Sunday Snapshot

Yesterday morning we headed to a pool party for the little boy who has professed his love for L. Apparently the feelings are mutual so she informed us.

After that we headed to PA to L's cousin A's house to celebrate their Grandfather's birthday.

It was a day full of fun in the sun....and water.

Ni Hao Yall

These were taken with my 24-70 f2.8 and 100mm f/2. They were edited in Photoshop CS6 using Red Leaf Studios Film Solution actions. I used the Color|400 action with no adjustments. I love using these actions because when I look at the final images I feel like I am looking at images from my father's photo albums. They give the images a film like feel and make me feel nostalgic for my childhood. I'm so happy my father documented my childhood through photos.


Hula Hoops and Driving Tests....

While driving home the other day L asked her Daddy if she could get her hula hoop out of the garage when we got in. She likes to pretend it is a steering wheel. " Daddy? Can I get my hula hoop when we get back? I need to start practicing for my driver's 10 years."

I wish she would stop trying to grow up so fast!


Asbury Park in the Evening

Uncle Bill has a habit of hanging his kids upside down over water. He tried it out on L last night. She tried to get even by kicking some water at him.She decided she liked the chase though.I think this was her victory dance that she got away from him : )


The Art of S'mores

Step 1.  Wear Uggs in the 100 degree weather and choose your stick. Step 2. Have Daddy pick the tick off of your leg.Step 3. Give Mommy a dirty look as she takes your picture while you have daddy do all of the work for you.Step 4. Don't listen to Mommy and Daddy when we tell you it is hot.Step 5. ENJOY all of your hard work.


Shooting from the Waist

We came back to NJ at the start of a heatwave. Yay.

We also came back to a water main break. Make that 3 water main breaks that affected our county.


Today we took L back to the fossil beds. I find myself turning on all of my focus points and shooting from the waist more and more when we are out and about.

These were all shot (except the water main break image) from the waist in manual with my 24-70mm 2.8. Many of my Disney photos were shot the same way. The 24-70mm was my BFF in Disney. It was the only lens I brought with me each day. I was able to carry my camera and backpack camera bag the entire time in Disney without any problems. I also brought along the GoPro and my Canon G12 each day. Oh, and my camera bag's waterproof cover came in handy!

Do you ever shoot from the waist?


Father's Day in Photos

She knows how to pick her horse and she takes it very seriously.Love that boyish grin!Love the idea of this table made from a barrel. My cousins and aunt and uncle!I'm 10 years older than her, and I love her and her sister SO MUCH. It was such a nice day with my family.She insisted on swimming even though it was such a cool day.


It didn't last long!

Happy Father's Day Dad and Mike!

Love you both!


Favorite Photo Friday- Catch Up!

I thought having a small child keeps you busy, but with the 8th Grade Washington DC trip, the dance, and graduation I feel like I have lost track of all time! I am behind in posting. I am behind in editing. I am just about behind in everything right now.

Here's a little catch up through photos.

Up until this school year L's cousin Ally used to come over and play every single week. This year the girls' school hours conflicted with each others and it wasn't possible. BTW, L is 3 months older that A !

I finally figured out my remote timer and propped my camera on a stool to take this self portrait. He ended up tucking his shirt in, don't worry! Love my boy. L is looking pretty tall here!She attended a princess makeover party and surprisingly enjoyed it! Hey Mom, maybe we can do the princess thing in Disney after all? ; ) Here's a shot of Gene going up for his 8th grade diploma. I was so proud of my boy. He made honor roll every single marking period 6th-8th grade. He got accepted into an elite AP Academy for high school next year. He took the test with bronchitis and fever and passed! They only accept 30 children into the academy  and he is one of them. He's not so thrilled about the mounds of homework he has this summer though!G and one of his closest friend's J. People always think they are brothers because of their hair! 

Believe it or not I still have more photos and posts to catch up on.....but this is a start!


Enjoy your weekend, and may all of the dads have a wonderful Father's Day!

  the long road


The Creativity Project

This month's theme is COLORS !  Blue. Green. Yellow. Red.  I remember a month or so ago wishing our woods would fill in again. I was missing the green.

Well now the grass has begun to turn green, the woods have begun to grow, and so have our wildflowers.

Please head over to Becky's blog to complete the circle.


Favorite Photo Friday

While my last series of images are definitely my favorites this week, I love the laughter I have captured in this image of L yesterday. Yesterday in L's class they celebrated her birthday since she has a summer birthday of September 1rst. She was SO. Excited. When she got home she was wearing her birthday hat/crown and informed me she would be wearing it for the rest of the day. Later on a rather unnerving thunderstorm passed through. L was frightened and began to tear up some when out comes, " This is the worst fake birthday I ever had!" .

Awww, poor L. I couldn't help but laugh when she said it though.

The storm passed and then I was able to capture this:

So happy her fake birthday could be salvaged ; )

the long road


Sunday Snapshot

Our weekend in pictures. Saturday we went to a local flea market at the beach in Ocean Grove. I found the coolest thing! I'll have to take a picture of it. I'm in love with it!

Every spring the tents get erected in Ocean Grove . At one point there were over 600 of them. I believe there are only slightly over 100 left now. You can read about it HERE . It's pretty interesting!

Sunday started off with a visit to the Red Bank Farmers Market to see Adam at the Cinnamon Snail.

We were second in line.

This guy was first.


L had the chocolate cookie glazed donut.

Mike gets the breakfast burrito...religiously....with no hot peppers. Adam knows this and always has one off to the side waiting for Mike.

Me? I had the Creole Grilled Tofu Sub and O.M.G.

After that we headed to Poricy Park with the cousins to sift for fossils. Click HERE to read about the 72 million year old fossils we found. It was a blast and I can't wait to go back again.


Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

Ni Hao Yall