Shooting from the Waist

We came back to NJ at the start of a heatwave. Yay.

We also came back to a water main break. Make that 3 water main breaks that affected our county.


Today we took L back to the fossil beds. I find myself turning on all of my focus points and shooting from the waist more and more when we are out and about.

These were all shot (except the water main break image) from the waist in manual with my 24-70mm 2.8. Many of my Disney photos were shot the same way. The 24-70mm was my BFF in Disney. It was the only lens I brought with me each day. I was able to carry my camera and backpack camera bag the entire time in Disney without any problems. I also brought along the GoPro and my Canon G12 each day. Oh, and my camera bag's waterproof cover came in handy!

Do you ever shoot from the waist?


Tennessee With the GoPro & Canon G12

We are back from Tennessee and we had an amazing time. While I lugged around my Mark II, I gave Gene the GoPro to use and Linhsey my Canon G12 to keep around her neck.

Here are some of the great shots that they both captured.

First up is Gene and the GoPro.

Notice he caught some sun flare in there? Love it!

Next up is Linhsey's view with the G12.

She posed me for the first two. She was so cute.

And yes, my girl L caught some sun flare too!

I think both G & L did a fantastic job at capturing our trip to Tennessee. I'm going to make a book of their pictures for them. These were just SOME of the MANY they took!

I'll post mine tomorrow.



When you grow up so close to the beach, it just seems....normal. Sometimes you have to pull over and stop and enjoy the beauty of it.

Just take it all in.

{Taken from my purse camera}