The Creativity Project

Hello Summer! is this month's theme for our Creativity Project. Our circle is growing so be sure to click through us all so you don't miss out! In the summer we are busy and on the go! Here is a sample of what summer fun is to us.

Beaches in the evenings...Swimming with crazy Uncle Bill...Restaurants at the beach... Asbury Park boardwalk...The racetrack!Vacations to magical places...Stepping off line at the Farmer's Market to watch the train go by...

Every. Time.

Sparklers, fireworks, catching fireflies, and s'mores in the evenings...

Please click on Marvett Smith's BLOG to continue through our circle. I just know there will be something special waiting on each and every one.


Asbury Park in the Evening

Uncle Bill has a habit of hanging his kids upside down over water. He tried it out on L last night. She tried to get even by kicking some water at him.She decided she liked the chase though.I think this was her victory dance that she got away from him : )


Sunday Snapshot

This weekend was perfect. I don't say that often.

We had beautiful weather all weekend. We started off with opening day at the Racetrack on Saturday. Finished the day off with dinner at McLoone's in Asbury Park, and a little beach action.

Sunday we had breakfast at the beach with my parents and aunt, and then headed to opening day at the Red Bank Farmer's Market. We enjoyed the rest of the day outside in the yard {sprinklers, football and s'mores were involved}.

Ni Hao Yall