The Creativity Project {The Men in Our Lives}

I knew right away what I wanted to do for this month's theme with the Creativity Project. ~ The Men in Our Lives My son Gene is turning out to be quite the young man and I couldn't be more proud or happier.

He's wrapping up his freshman year in the AP Academy in high school, and going out with a the senior prom with his girlfriend, Kristen.

I think these two are mature and wise beyond their years, and well I'm in love with their chemistry and the way they look at each other.

Please click HERE to see what Singwa from Buckeroo Mama has done with our theme. We always enjoy having others participate on our Facebook page, so post away!

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Cousin time...

I think it's safe to say Linhsey is completely smitten with her baby cousin Aubree!I also think it's safe to say that I am too...I held her..And loved on her...And held her while she drank her bottle...And tried to get as much of her as I could when Linhsey and my mom weren't looking...

I didn't want to leave!

Suddenly my babies look even bigger to me now...



This time of year always puts me in a rut when it comes to my photography. The days are short. The skies are gloomy. The weather is cold. I hope to work with more indoor natural light this season. Here's L using our front window for natural light.

These were taken on my 5D Mark II with my 50mm at 1.6, ISO 200 and a SS of 1/200. They were processed in Lightroom 4.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


A Before & After

Thought I would have a little fun with a before and after. This image is SOOC

Here is the after. I used One Willow's adjustment brushes {with my own tweaks} and smoothed her skin slightly, removed a scar off of her nose, and made some slight adjustments to her eyes. After that I ran Red Leaf Studios new Film Emulsion preset Color 400. Simple and subtle. 

*This image was edited in Lightroom 4 only.

If you haven't checked out One Willow Boutique already {who are we kidding? I know you have.} then click HERE, and don't forget to check out Red Leaf Studios new presets for Lightroom {click HERE}. They are offering a 25% off discount with the code GIFTOFSIGHT now through Dec. 27th. A part of the proceeds will be donated to an organization whose mission is to restore sight and prevent blindness in the developing world.


Favorite Photo Friday

Someone recently pointed out something to me that should have been quite obvious. I suppose life gets in the way of things sometimes...temporarily blinds a person and blocks out what's right there in front of them. With that being said, I have begun teaching Linhsey piano lessons. It's rewarding to witness her excitement over it, and it warms my heart to hear her practice her new found talent. It's a bonus that Gene joins in from time to time as well too.

I'm thankful my children have a love for music like I always have. Whether it be the drums, guitar, or now piano, I always hope to have a home filled with music.

{ Gene on the way to his holiday concert last night at the high school }

the long road

Have a wonderful weekend!


The Creativity Project~ Bokeh

Our theme this month was bokeh, and I have always wanted to try it with a Christmas tree. Since we didn't have a tree to call our own at the time, I headed out to Pier Village in Long Branch to use theirs.

If you click HERE you'll be taken to Marvett's blog, Savoring The Simple. After you see her lovely work you'll be prompted to click on another talented photographer's blog until you make your way through our whole circle. Don't forget you can join in and post your own bokeh shots on our FaceBook fan page by clicking HERE.

Until next month! Happy Holidays!


Sunday Snapshot

After numerous trips to the tree farm in the past month, we finally got our tree yesterday. I adore this shot of Linhsey with her arms around Gene. Can you tell she loves her big brother? They carefully examined each tree in search of the one we would bring home.I of course had to get some shots of them together because really, how often does that happen?I love it when she goes into deep thought. I wonder what she is thinking here?

The tree made it home and was adorned with lights and candy canes. Today we'll put on the ornaments and hope for the best with 2 dogs and  a cat. Charlie is going to have a great time!
Ni Hao Yall
*These were all taken midday on an overcast day. I switched between my 50mm f/1.4 and 100mm f/2. They are all processed in Lightroom 4 using One Willow's Palette Collection presets.


Sunday Snapshot~

Yesterday we took Linhsey to ride the North Pole Express in New Hope, PA.  As the train approached she didn't know what to expect...Whatever concerns she had were soon replaced with excitement...And even more excitement when we were seated because they served cookies... And candy canes, and even hot cocoa...She sang Christmas carols...And she met Mrs. Claus who told her she was on the nice list...And then it happened...Santa came and they had a chat. She wasn't sure what she wanted for Christmas. She hasn't been feeling very festive with knowing all of the damage Hurricane Sandy has done. In the end she was able to tell Santa she wanted a Furby, and he gave her a magic bell. On the way back she sat there contemplating the events, and in the end she said it was the best. day. ever. 

Ni Hao Yall
*All images were taken using my 50mm 1.4 and 24-70 2.8. They were edited using Lightroom 4 only, all with One Willow presets, The Palette Collection.


The Creativity Project- Thankful

This month's theme at the Creativity Project is about being thankful, and while I have so very much in my life to be thankful about there is always one thing that stands out the most. The first time I laid eyes on her...


And all that she has world, my heart, my joy, my muse..

And at a time for thankfulness, I couldn't be more thankful for anything else...

Head on over to Marvett's site by clicking HERE and be sure to continue through the circle. I believe there are 9 of this month. Be sure to like our Facebook page and share your own photos there!

Happy Thanksgiving to all....