Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle Vol. 1

Those who follow me know that at heart, I truly enjoy capturing life's moments and stories as they unfold.

This month a fellow photographer, Natalie, from Act Naturally Photography, formed a new blog circle that features life's unscripted moments. I'm really excited and honored to become

a part of this new project with so many other talented photographers.

If you reached me by Elise's blog at Elise Meader Photography, Welcome!

For our first month I decided to use a series of images that were taken apple picking with my son and his girlfriend.

It's not too often he shows up in my images being a busy teen and all, so I will hold on to these beloved memories with these images.

When you're finished here I do so hope you will continue on to Natalie's blog, ACTNATURALLYPHOTOGRAPHY .

She created a Facebook page for Life {Unscripted} and the {unscripted} moments have been pouring in! You can share

your {unscripted} moments by clicking HERE and liking our page!

Natalie's post for our circle this month can be found HERE and if you don't follow her already on Facebook you can click HERE.

Privizzini's Passion Photography B&W Presets {Unleashed}

Amber Privizzini allowed me to test out her new b&w Lightroom presets {Unleashed} and let me just say

they are amazing! If you love b&w moody photography like I do,

you will LOVE these.

She is releasing them any moment now!

This photographer has poured her heart and soul into these presets right down to their

soulful names.

Yesterday Linhsey went peach picking for the first time and Amber's presets worked

perfectly for these.

Privizzini's Passion Photography Facebook page can be found HERE and her website can be found by clicking


The Creativity Project {Storytelling}

This is the story of Aubree Lynn's second birthday party. I do hope you will continue through our circle by clicking HERE . S. Badiyah Austin is up next. Last month she had the most touching take on our theme {Treasure}.

We hope you will contribute to our Facebook page this month with your own take on {Storytelling}. We enjoy featuring your images on our page!

Happy Birthday Aubree!

Tennessee Memories

When I was a little girl my parents and I moved into a house that was directly across the street my from grandparents and uncle.

Shortly after that they moved to Florida.

We made the drive to Florida many times over the years to visit.

I remember as a teenager saying our goodbyes after visiting. I would sit in the back seat of my parent's car and try to hide my silent tears.

5 years ago my grandmother and uncle bought land in Tennessee and built a cabin.

3 times we have been able to visit. To give my children time with their Great~Grandmother and Great~Uncle fills my heart.

I can only hope they will hold on to these memories always like I have and will. The horn my uncle made to call his dog, Blue. Blue passed away not too long ago and now he has a horn for their new dog Sam.Blue's grave. He buried him with his rope leash still around his neck with the leash coming out of the ground.My uncle camps here in their woods.Their neighbor's shop. Stray dogs are everywhere you turn. They chase your car as you drive by. Many are injured, have only 3 legs. When we visited the shop above there were several dogs hanging out there. One had a snake bite on his leg and could not walk. The Little Rascals on TV.I'm forever thankful and grateful that we were able to visit once again.



I love her expressions.

She really did have so much fun.

It just looks as though she was scared at first.

Perhaps she was.

She is a thrill seeker until it comes time for the thrill.


A Week in Pictures....{Jan.1-Jan.7}

It's a week into the New Year already and I'm trying not to succumb to the

Winter Blues.

I'm trying to take pictures daily, but at the same time I don't want to

take a picture just to take a picture.

I want to be sure I find beautiful light, inspiration, and moments

I don't want to forget.

Here's Januray 1rst - January 7th...

DSLR  &  iPhone

A late Christmas gift arrived and she couldn't be happier.Spending her ToysRUs gift card. She ended up buying a Madden Football game for Wii U. She wears it every possible moment she can.Gotta love a snow day.

Gene did.So did Linhsey.Atlantic City, NJThis morning before school. She ended up drawing some shapes, a kite, and the word,


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I hope you're staying warm wherever you are!


Snow Day....

We have a snow day here today.

These are the moments, the little details I never want to forget.

One day she won't wear her football gear to build on Minecraft,

but at least I'll have this to remind me of how incredibly adorable it was when she did.

Stay warm!


Christmas Time in the City {NYC}

Every year near the holidays we take the train to the city.

We see the window displays, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, stroll through Central Park, and eat at Jekyll & Hyde's.

We walk until we think we can't possibly walk another step.

That's usually about the time we realize we need to run back in order to make the train home.

Then we collapse.