The Creativity Project {Treasure}

Memories from a time long ago...Heart shaped rocks and gifts from the sea....Sea glass and shells that each hold a story.

Sand dollars that make me rich.Dreamcatchers and art made with love & passion. The time I was brave...Defining moments...symbols of loveStories old and new Records of the past preserved There are many, many things in my life that I consider to be a treasure. Some may consider they have little to no value when it comes to treasure.

To me?

I have a fortune.

* This month's theme for The Creativity Project is "Treasure". We ask that you please come and share your treasures with us on our FaceBook page for a chance to be featured.

Please click HERE to get to Singwa from Buckeroo Mama. I can't wait to go see what she has posted!

Thank you so much for visiting us each month.

You are ALL treasure!