A Week in Pictures....{Jan.1-Jan.7}

It's a week into the New Year already and I'm trying not to succumb to the

Winter Blues.

I'm trying to take pictures daily, but at the same time I don't want to

take a picture just to take a picture.

I want to be sure I find beautiful light, inspiration, and moments

I don't want to forget.

Here's Januray 1rst - January 7th...

DSLR  &  iPhone

A late Christmas gift arrived and she couldn't be happier.Spending her ToysRUs gift card. She ended up buying a Madden Football game for Wii U. She wears it every possible moment she can.Gotta love a snow day.

Gene did.So did Linhsey.Atlantic City, NJThis morning before school. She ended up drawing some shapes, a kite, and the word,


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I hope you're staying warm wherever you are!