Favorite Photo Friday- Catch Up!

I thought having a small child keeps you busy, but with the 8th Grade Washington DC trip, the dance, and graduation I feel like I have lost track of all time! I am behind in posting. I am behind in editing. I am just about behind in everything right now.

Here's a little catch up through photos.

Up until this school year L's cousin Ally used to come over and play every single week. This year the girls' school hours conflicted with each others and it wasn't possible. BTW, L is 3 months older that A !

I finally figured out my remote timer and propped my camera on a stool to take this self portrait. He ended up tucking his shirt in, don't worry! Love my boy. L is looking pretty tall here!She attended a princess makeover party and surprisingly enjoyed it! Hey Mom, maybe we can do the princess thing in Disney after all? ; ) Here's a shot of Gene going up for his 8th grade diploma. I was so proud of my boy. He made honor roll every single marking period 6th-8th grade. He got accepted into an elite AP Academy for high school next year. He took the test with bronchitis and fever and passed! They only accept 30 children into the academy  and he is one of them. He's not so thrilled about the mounds of homework he has this summer though!G and one of his closest friend's J. People always think they are brothers because of their hair! 

Believe it or not I still have more photos and posts to catch up on.....but this is a start!


Enjoy your weekend, and may all of the dads have a wonderful Father's Day!

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