Favorite Photo Friday- Tennessee

Tennessee continued-- This swimming hole was beautiful and you could see fish swimming everywhere in it. I think G could have spent the entire day at this place.Later that day a tractor drove up to my grandmother's place. We met a friend and followed him and his brother to his shop. He had many small homes he built on his property from the trees he cut down himself. This was the shop.He hand made everything in here. I think I was in awe. In this part of Tennessee everyone has dogs. The dogs never see the inside of a home usually. They wander free. They chase your car when you drive by. This was one of the homes this man built. L walked out of the shop with a dream catcher to catch all of those bad dreams she has, and a pretty necklace. Not too bad!In Tennessee Moonshine is the drink of choice ; ) 

We wrapped up the night with roasting marshmallows and then said our goodbyes. It was difficult to say goodbye. Many hugs, tears, and good memories.

Until next year Tennessee. I'll bring sneakers next time, I promise!

the long road