Ice Cream, Linhsey and Sun Flare, Oh My!

Mama! If I stand right over there you can catch some sun flare!

Sure enough she was spot on.

Yesterday at her tennis lesson a little boy in her class repeatedly called out her name. "Linhsey! Here's ball Linhsey!" "Linhsey! I have a ball for you Linhsey!"

L just kept on going right past him. When the lesson was over he called out " Linhsey! I'm going to have a play date with you Linhsey!"

Me- Boy, it sounds like "A" really likes you. L- He told me he LOVED me! Right in the middle of the game! Me- So I guess he really DOES like you?! L- Apparently it's more than like! Apparently it's LOVE! It's embarrassing!

What's not to love?