The Creativity Project

Last month a small group of talented photographers started a monthly project on the 10th of each month called " The Creativity Project". When Becky from Life with Kaishon asked to me to join in their circle for this month I was thrilled! And slightly nervous.

Each month one of the photographers will pick a theme. Their first theme was " The Girl____" . They each filled in the blank beautifully. I figured, yeah, I could do this.

When I found out the theme for this month my first reaction was RUN! I'm just being honest : )

The theme is "Double Exposure".

What the heck is that?! Wait, I need to use Photoshop?!

Once I learned what it was, I had a vision of what I wanted to do. I knew the 2 images I wanted to use.

But how?

Oh Gene! Will you please help me?

Thanks to Gene, I got through the first month.

I love how it looks like she has her arm around herself, and how both L's are gazing up at something.

Please be sure to keep the circle going and click HERE to head on over Becky's post. It should be interesting to see each photographer's take on " Double Exposure".