Sunday Snapshot

My L. She has a love for karate. They skipped her up 2 levels and now she is in with the higher ranking yellow belts and above. We just ordered her sparring gear. She takes it seriously. She loves drum lessons and the fact that the teacher now comes here for Gene and her. She does the same thing he does...she drums a beat on anything she can find, and it's good. It's the reason I started Gene with drum lessons when he was 6. She's kicking butt in tennis lessons each Friday now too. She loves her video games just like her big bro and rarely touches a toy. She excels in everything she tries.

With all that toughness on the outside, she is still one of the most sensitive souls I have ever known. She loves....and she does it well. She worries about others and considers their feelings. Recently my aunt was in the hospital and we had to finally tell Linhsey that she was well and had come home. She was too worried and sad about it. She cried real tears of sadness the other night while watching Spongebob. Apparently SB's snail, Gary, went to live with Patrick for a while and SB was upset. It broke. her. heart. As confident as she is, we have to reassure her about a lot. She is still upset that Mike and I went to Vegas last September, and we have to be very careful mentioning it so we don't bring on the tears.

My L. She's beyond beautiful on the inside and out.

Love her to pieces.

{ These were taken with the 50mm 1.4 on my 5D Mark II.  ISO 160, f/1.8, SS 1/160. It was around 5:30pm. I used Lightroom 4 and CS4 to do some minor tweaking. }



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