Top of the morning to ya! Here are a few more shots from the other day.

My beef with the 24-70mm 2.8...well I don't really have any beef per say.

I suppose I haven't really had the opportunity to use it in the way I intended yet. It's big. It's heavy. Really heavy. I just know the times we are in Vegas, NYC, Disney, trips, outings, etc... that I find it awkward having to stop and change lenses frequently. I normally use my 50mm and 24mm when we are out and about. This new lens covers those lengths. So what I really need to do is go somewhere so I can put this baby to use! At the same time I find myself longing for the 135mm f/2L for some super yummy images of L. It's not much less cost wise. I asked myself what I do most. Portraits of L? Outings? I do both. A lot. And while I know I love me some images of L, I love me a good time too!

So I'm thinking I want both : ).

Any thoughts and/or advice would be appreciated!